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international council


Aida Garcia Naranjo


Educator, political scientist, social and political researcher, specialist in gender, in multilateral and bilateral fundraising, in addition to being a cultural promoter.

She was Peru's Ambassador to the Oriental Republic of Uruguay, Peru's representative in the Latin American Integration Association (ALADI) and in MERCOSUR, she was president of the Committee of Representatives of ALADI and Minister for Women and Development.


Valeria Chiavetta

Graduated in Social Work, professor at the Department of Social Work Practices and professor at the Chair. Elective of Human Rights of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences of the National University of Cuyo, in Mendoza, Argentina.

She is president of the Ecumenical Association of Cuyo, coordinator of the Migrants Project of the Ecumenical Association of Cuyo and Argentine national coordinator of the Mercosur Social and Solidarity Program (PMSS).


Alfonso Ramiro Hinojosa Gordonava

Sociologist, Master in Social Sciences with specialization in Anthropology. Founding member of the Network Without Borders. Member of the Working Group on Migration and Culture CLACSO (Latin American Council of Social Sciences).

Professor and Guest Researcher at the Institute for Research, Interaction and Postgraduate Studies in the Career of Social Work at UMSA. Researcher on migration issues for institutions such as PIEB (Bolivian Strategic Research Program), CESU (University Center for Higher Studies), defender of the people. Member of CEDLA (Center for Studies for the Development of Work and Agrarian), Coordinator of Women, Oxfam Bolivia and the Peace Foundation.


Carolina Huatay

Social Communicator with a degree in journalism in Peru, she is specialized in migration, citizenship, human rights, ESC rights and public policies in Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico. She was Coordinator of the Gender Program of the Inter-American Observatory on Migration, Coordinator of the Social Program for Migrants at the Consulate of Peru, in Santiago, Chile, Coordinator of the Migrants Program of the Municipality of Recoleta, Head of the Family Support Unit of the Ministry of Social Development , with several migration and integration projects for the Ministry of Education and various Intendencies, Universities and CSR. She has also published several articles on gender, networks and citizenship, among others, in several countries. She is currently coordinator of the Andean Human Dignity Program – PROANDES, Chile Chapter of the Cry of the Excluded and Technical Advisor for the Migrant Office of the City of Santiago.


Paulo Illes

External Representative of the Organization for Universal Citizenship - OCU, based in Paris, Coordinator of the Network Without Borders, Founding Partner and President of the Center for Human Rights and Immigrant Citizenship - CDHIC, Founding Partner and Member of the Council of Diaspora Without Borders, Member of the State Council of the General Ombudsman's Office of the State of São Paulo, Member of the International Committee of the World Social Forum on Migration (FSMM) and of the Regional Forums on Migration: Europe and the Americas. He was coordinator of Policies for Migrants in the Coordination  of Policies for Migrants in the City Hall of São Paulo. In 2008, he received the Jaime Wright Prize for Promoters of Peace and  Human rights. He studied History and Philosophy at Faculdade Vicentina de Filosofia de Curitiba. 


Adriana Fadel

Graduated in Social Communication from the National University of Córdoba (Argentina), Specialist in Human Rights and Public Policies on Migration and Refugee Protection from Fundación Henry Dunant América Latina (Chile), Master in Human Rights, Interculturality and Development from Universidad Pablo de Olavide and Doctoral student in Legal and Political Sciences at the same University. Work trajectory with experiences of work in territory and investigations in Argentina, Brazil and Spain.

conselho internacional

board of directors


Luiz Bassegio


Sociologist, executive secretary of Grito dos Excluídos Continental, president of the Center for Human Rights and Immigrant Citizenship, he was an advisor to the CNBB – National Conference of Bishops of Brazil, president of the Pastoral Service for Migrants, founder of several institutes and study centers, reception and assistance to migrants and refugees in Brazil.


Jose Lindomar Coelho Albuquerque

Fiscal Council

Doctor in Sociology from the Federal University of Ceará in 2005, he carried out postdoctoral internships at Universidad Pablo de Olivide (UPO), in Seville (from December 2010 to March 2011) and at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (from October 2015 to September 2016).

He is a professor in the field of Sociology in the undergraduate and master's degree in Social Sciences at the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP). Coordinates the Research Laboratory on Migration, Nation and Borders at UNIFESP. He has experience in the field of Sociology with an emphasis on Political Sociology and Sociology of Culture. He works mainly on the themes: state, migration, identity, nation, borders and Brazilian social thought.


Bela Feldman-Bianco

Fiscal Council

PhD in Anthropology from the University of Colombia, with a postdoctoral degree in History from Yale University. She is a collaborating professor at the Graduate Program in Social Anthropology, associate director of the Center for International Migration Studies (CEMI) at UNICAMP. She currently coordinates the Migration and Displacement Committee of the Brazilian Association of Anthropology (ABA) and is an advisor to the National Immigration Council (CNIg/Ministry of Labor of Brazil), where she represents the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC), among others. activities.


Rafaela Oliveira Ludolf da Silva

Fiscal Council

Internationalist, Specialist in Project Management (FGV), Master and pursuing a Doctorate in Regional and Urban Development (Unifacs). Coordinator of the Sérgio Viera de Mello Chair - UNHCR / Unifacs and also of the Migrant Services Center. Professor in the undergraduate course in International Relations at Unifacs. Researcher in the Research Group on "Politics and Epistemes"; currently researching topics related to International Relations; Human rights; Migrations and Refuge. 

conselho direto



Cynthia de Paula

Political Coordination Europe

Psychologist, graduated from the Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul and Master in Community Psychology from ISPA - Portugal. President of Casa do Brasil in Lisbon and coordinator of the association's social intervention department. She is an alternate Councilor elected to represent the Brazilian community on the Migration Council of the High Commission for Migration in Portugal and Political Coordinator of the Network Without Borders in Europe. Feminist and activist for the rights of migrants.


Maria Badet Souza


Helena Schmititz

Helena Schimitz is a Pedagogue, Master in Education from the University of Passo Fundo and PhD student in Sociology from ISCTE-Lisbon. She was the first woman to represent Brazil at the AVP World Gathering in Nepal where she was nominated and elected as the Latin America representative on the AVP International Coordinating Committee. She was part of the team that took AVP to Mozambique, training the country's first facilitators, and is responsible for implementing the methodology in Portugal. She is currently Project Manager at Associação Diáspora Sem Fronteiras, Pesquisa  and coordinates social actions related to themes such as youth, violence and education.

equipe europa

executive Secretary


Patricia Gainza

Patricia Gainza, Uruguayan and Mexican, is a sociologist (UV, Mexico), a specialist in public policies and human rights and an artist. He holds a Masters in Society and Development (Udelar, Uruguay) and a degree in Racism and Xenophobia (UNAM, Mexico). He coordinated the Human Rights Area of the Ministry of Social Development (Uruguay) from 2010 to 2018, where he worked on public policies related to economic, social and cultural rights (DESC), gender and sexual diversity, anti-racist policies and migrations. He has collaborated professionally with several institutions such as Friends of the Earth International (FOeI), National Council to Prevent Discrimination (Conapred, Mexico), Mercosur Institute of Public Policies on Human Rights (IPPDH, Argentina), IOM, UNESCO, UNICEF, OEI and provided technical assistance to the governments of Argentina, Cuba, Mexico and Uruguay. She is co-founder of the regional organization Redes Sem Fronteiras (RSF, Brazil). In the last two years, he coordinated the Gender Diagnosis of the National Administration of Public Education (ANEP, Uruguay). She currently works as an independent consultant.


Rosana Bacron

Executive director


Florence Salmuni

Florencia Salmuni Mestre is a PhD student in Social Sciences at the Federal University of São Paulo (UNIFESP). Has experience in management and coordination of social projects; works with coordination between civil society, international entities and government bodies. She participated as a consultant and produced training material for social organizations at local and international level.



Volunteers in previous years

Danielle Puires de Souza

Luciana Landgraf White Castle

Clara piazza

Jessica Wedge of Medeiros

fabiane cristina silva mesquita

Mary Jaqueline Restrepo Diez

Bertille Paquet

Fabian Mesquita

Marcela France da Costa

freedom valentina garcia

letícia diniz nogueira

tali pires de almeida

hendy ferreira ribeiro pinto

Leticia Ramos Xavier Regis

Mariana Martins Silva

Vivianne Rodrigues Chagas

Willemjan Vandenplas

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