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frase quem somos em outline


Rede Sem Fronteiras is an organisation that works to defend and promote the rights of migrants and refugees, and to articulate the Latin American diaspora.

Our history began in April 2008, in the city of Cuenca, Ecuador, during the Second Ibero-American Forum on Migration and Development (FIBEMYD), when its founding members realized the need for greater integration among organizations working in defense of immigrants, for urgent participation in decision-making spaces for migratory policies and for confronting the increase in xenophobia and discrimination around the world.

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Frase nossos objetivos em outline


número 1 em outline

Promote human rights, the defence of migrants and refugees, their integration and the right to universal citizenship.

número 1 em outline

Build alliances between social movements and local authorities to advance the construction of universal, supportive and welcoming cities and alternative migration governance policies.

número 1 em outline

Articulate the Latin American diaspora, advocate policies of cooperation between peoples, for sustainable development, to overcome asymmetries, for the right to migrate and to migrate with rights.

número 1 em outline

Defend the social participation of migrants and refugees as a person with rights and constituents of migration policies. 

número 1 em outline

Defend and support alternative proposals for public policies, draft laws and programmes based on human rights, with emphasis on gender, ethnic and generational diversities.

número 1 em outline

To influence decision makers for the full recognition of the labour, economic, social, cultural, environmental, political and civil rights of migrants and their families.

frase onde estamos em outline

where are we

Mapa de atuação da rede sem fronteiras


Ecumenical Foundation of Cuyo (FEC)  


re* Derechos, Cultura, Diversidad y Migración Uruguay


Coordinator of Abogados del Paraguay (CAP)  



Cry of the Excluded Continental


Latin American Association of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (Alampyme BR)

Presence of Latin America (PAL)

Children of the World Association (FEME)

Edésio Passos Institute (IEP)

Center for Human Rights and Immigrant Citizenship (CDHIC)

Center for Immigrant and Refugee Women (CEMIR)  


Andean Program for Human Dignity (PROANDES) 


Consultancy for Human Rights and Forged Displacement (CODHES)  


Lisbon House of Brazil (CBL)

Diaspora Without Borders (DSF)  



Madrid Association of the Agora

People's House of Barcelona

frase nossa história em outline

Our story


Foundation of the Network Without Borders at the World Social Forum on Migration and Development, Cuenca – Ecuador


First RSF Meeting and International Seminar “A Review of Public Policies for Immigrants in South America, São Paulo – Brazil  


III World Social Forum on Migration, Madrid – Spain 


Americas Social Forum, Asuncion – Paraguay  


Enactment of the Free Transit and Residence Agreement for Nationals of Mercosur and Associated States Parties


First Hemispheric Day on Migration Policies, Quito – Ecuador  


IV World Social Forum on Migration, Quito – Ecuador 

palavra Equipe em outline


Aida Garcia Naranjo, conselho internacional rede sem fronteiras

Aida Garcia Naranjo

Adriana Fadel, conselho internacional rede sem fronteiras

Adriana Fadel

Alfonso Ramiro, conselho internacional rede sem fronteiras

Alfonso Ramiro Hinojosa Gordonava

Carolina Huatay, conselho internacional rede sem fronteiras

Carolina Huatay


Paulo Illes, secretaria executiva

Paulo Illes

Valeria Chiavetta, conselho internacional rede sem fronteiras

Valeria Chiavetta

Luiz Bassegio, conselho diretor Rede sem Fronteiras

Luiz Bassegio


José Lindomar Albuquerque, conselho diretor Rede sem Fronteiras

Jose Lindomar Coelho Albuquerque

Fiscal Council

Bela Feldman-Bianco, conselho diretor Rede sem Fronteiras


Fiscal Council

Rafaela Ludolf da Silva, conselho diretor Rede sem Fronteiras

Rafaela Oliveira Ludolf da Silva

Fiscal Council


Cynthia de Paula


Maria Badet Souza


Helena Schmititz

Political Coordination Europe

Patricia Gainza, conselho internacional rede sem fronteiras

Patricia Gainza

General coordinator


Rosana Bacron

Executive director


Florence Salmuni


Danielle Puires de Souza

Luciana Landgraf White Castle

Clara piazza

Jessica Wedge of Medeiros

fabiane cristina silva mesquita

Mary Jaqueline Restrepo Diez

Bertille Paquet

Fabian Mesquita

Marcela France da Costa

freedom valentina garcia

letícia diniz nogueira

tali pires de almeida

hendy ferreira ribeiro pinto

Leticia Ramos Xavier Regis

Mariana Martins Silva

Vivianne Rodrigues Chagas

Willemjan Vandenplas

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